An Overview of Speech Recognition

Modern speech recognition technology has evolved into a powerful communications medium that can significantly improve workflow efficiency and reduce workplace injuries. Today’s premium speech recognition software transforms your voice into text, providing a much more convenient interface with the PC when creating documents and emails.

As leaders in voice processing technology, VoiceX Communications have tested numerous software packages available today and recommend the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software – by Nuance- line of products for their speed, accuracy and functionality.

Online Speech Recognition

Speak your thoughts and Dragon immediately transcribes it into text. This is known as online speech recognition and is the core functionality of Dragon. Lengthy documents and emails can be created up to three times faster than typing – more if you’re a two-finger typist – without the strain of unnatural seating positions and repetitive motions.

While this functionality itself is exceptional, online recognition can be used for so much more than simply creating documents. Dragon transforms your voice into an additional interface with your computer, working in tandem with your keyboard and mouse.

Voice commands can launch programs, navigate menus, apply formatting, send emails or search your computer and the web. In fact, Dragon can do anything your keyboard and mouse can, but optimal use of the software will be a combination of all three.

+  Freedom – you’re free to move around during dictation, not tied to a keyboard and mouse

+  Functionality – so much more than just dictation, online recognition affords you the ability to completely control your computer by voice

+  Convenience – corrections can be made immediately, better integrating into your workflow

–  Mobility – you still need to be at your computer for online recognition

Offline Speech Recognition

While online speech recognition transcribes your voice into text and commands in real-time, offline speech recognition transcribes pre-recorded audio files. Most often, this relates to digital dictation, with typists effectively becoming proof readers. Rather than typing the entire document, they simply correct any recognition errors, which can significantly increase productivity.

Dragon has a transcription function built-in, but also integrates with the software of the leading digital dictation brands – Philips, Olympus and Grundig – for an even more streamlined and efficient workflow.

+  Mobility – dictation can be done anytime, anywhere, so long as you have your digital dictation recorder handy

+  Ease of use – no need to worry about correcting errors, allowing you to concentrate on your dictation

+  Productivity – if you already have a typist, offline speech recognition can significantly increase their productivity

–  Workflow – correction is an additional step in the process, but this can be integrated into your digital dictation system


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