Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro vs Medical

With the release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical v11, health professionals are able to create medical documents and navigate their PCs more intuitively and quickly than ever before, by using their voice in addition to their keyboard and mouse.

However, before the release of Medical, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional was able to achieve similar results. So what improvements have been made in Dragon Medical?

Specialised Vocabularies

Dragon Medical features over 50 specialised vocabularies, specifically designed for use when dictating medical documents and correspondences. Using a specialised vocabulary is vital for both speed and accuracy – two factors that are critical to the viability of speech recognition.

A specialised vocabulary is a list of words which is tailored towards a particular medical field (Cardiology, Pathology, Radiology, etc.). This means that uncommon (in general language) terminology is included, but other, more casual or irrelevant terms are not.

The specialised vocabulary is typically much smaller than a general vocabulary, which means Dragon will not only find the correct words (increasing accuracy and reducing the need to train unknown words), but will also take less time to do so as there are fewer possibilities.

Although Dragon Professional allows for customisation of its general vocabulary, this process is monotonous and time-consuming. Dragon Medical also allows each user to freely move between multiple different vocabularies for different purposes, for example a medical report and a personal email.

Hidden Mode

Dragon Medical’s new Hidden Mode allows the author to dictate into an invisible document in the background. In general, the target document must be in focus in order to receive dictation, which can be inconvenient should the author wish to reference other media or navigate and analyse data in another application.

Hidden Mode allows the author to do this and dictate simultaneously on his observations. Once complete, the dictation is easily transferred into the target document using a simple voice command. The dictated text can be corrected and edited as normal.

PowerMic Integration

Dragon Medical provides complete integration with the Nuance PowerMic II handheld microphone. This device features a quality noise-cancelling microphone, configurable face buttons and a robust housing, making it ideal for authors favouring handheld microphones.

The face buttons can be configured from within Dragon Medical to activate commonly used functions or quickly execute the most useful voice commands. Dragon Medical is of course also compatible with other styles of microphone (headset, desktop, etc.).


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