Digital Dictation Software : Philips SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 – Now available in Australia

User-driven innovation

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 revolutionizes your dictation workflow

Philips has announced the release of the new Philips SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1, the latest version of the company’s enterprise-wide dictation management software solution. SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 features advanced administration tools for easy and convenient management of large groups of dictation users.

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 facilitates user management with Active Directory synchronization. Administrators can set up and maintain groups or manage user rights at the click of a button. They can also allocate group management rights to heads of department, making it easier to distribute workloads more equally and flexibly.

SpeechExec Enterprise also possesses heightened flexibility, including system settings tailor-made to meet customer requirements – providing both options for full installation, Terminal Server and Citrix environments, and scheduled workflow options.

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 is an affordable alternative to systems such as Bighand and Winscribe.

Features include;

  • Concurrent and Multi-Tier Central Administration
  • Active Directory Services & Synchronisation
  • Multi-User administraion
  • Automated dictation workflow
  • Workstation independent
  • Location independent
  • Seamless speech recognition integration for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Dragon Legal & Dragon Medical
  • Single click Author / Typist relationship management
  • “Low License” email notification
  • Automatic offline / background speech recognition
  • Advanced author workflow options
  • High security encryption for dictations and attached documents
  • Modular structure allows you expand the dictation solution as required
  • Certified Citrix & Windows Terminal Service Compatible
  • Concurrent and universal licensing

Additional Modules include;

  • Workflow Manager for automated and scheduled dictation workflow
  • Remote Device Manager for central configuration of all Philips Digital Pocket Memo voice recorders and SpeechMikes
  • Statistics Module for customised reporting 
  • SpeechExec Mobile for utilising smartphones, such as iPhone and Blackberry as a digital dictation device
  • Web Director is a two way exchange of dictation files and associated documents via the internet
  • DPM Connect – a smart application for  Connect and Download only

Philips Enterprise is now available in Australia from VoiceX Communications

If you have any further question on SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 or on this document, please contact VoiceX Communications on 1300 551 778 or visit their website at


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